Total KPI Solutions


TKPIS has built an extensive network of Consultants, Vendors and reputed Contractors to ensure that your project goals of quality, cost, schedule and other objectives are met.
Our team offers the following services listed below at any stage of project delivery.

Project Management

TKPIS’s Project Management Team (PMT) are infrastructure delivery experts ranging from, Energy, Mining ,Chemicals, Pulp, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater, Marine  and Environmental Remediation projects. 

Construction Management

TKPIS has developed expertise in managing the construction of several mega and mid size projects across Canada and Internationally. Acting in the capacity of Construction Manager and Constructability Reviewer, we use our strong construction experience to help our clients start their projects off on the right foot

Project Support Services Management

We understand that a robust and agile Project Services support delivery model is essential for successful delivery of Capital Projects.