Total KPI Solutions


TKPIS’s Project Management Team (PMT) are infrastructure delivery experts ranging from, Energy, Mining ,Chemicals, Pulp, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater, Marine  and Environmental Remediationprojects. Our experience with major infrastructure projects paired with smaller municipal and commercial capital infrastructure programs/projects allow our PMT’s to provide leadership at all stages of a project including, but not limited to-

Project Planning

Meticulous planning is the first and foremost step in ensuring your project’s success before it begins. We can help tailor a plan for your specific projects needs, including establishing scope and viability, budgeting, writing contracts, creating a project schedule, team requirements, process implementation, gauging risk and developing mitigation strategies. From project inception through closeout and certificate of occupancy, we can help develop the plan that’s right for you. Our project planning services include:

Project Planning Services

  • Strategic Project Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Due Diligence

  • Front-End Planning

  • Project Scope Development

Project Execution Management

 The construction process is complicated enough on its own, let alone when it’s combined with the need to integrate into an existing company’s processes and procedures. We have the proven expertise and ability to provide seamless integration solutions for your construction program. We’ll work in partnership with your team to coordinate the daily activities, while keeping the big picture in mind. Our project execution management services include:

  • Scope Management, and Reporting

  • Budget Management, and Reporting

  • Schedule Management, and Reporting

  • Risk Identification and Management

  • Communication Management/Engagement

  • Permitting Management, and Reporting

  • Stakeholder/Community Engagement and Management

  • Consultant Management

  • Contractor Management

  • Indigenous Engagement and Management