Total KPI Solutions Inc (TKPIS) is a privately-owned  company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We are a professional service's provider specializing in project and construction management services. Our team has extensive experience representing all the key stakeholders i.e. Owners, Contractors, Engineers, Consultants and Suppliers of the Construction Industry. 

Our goal is to provide personalized Value Engineering (VE) services tailored to each individual client’s needs whilst supported by a multidisciplinary team of  Project and Construction Management professionals



Brad is the Principal for Construction Management Services and founding Partner at TKPIS. He has over 20+ years of Project Delivery leadership experience involving Constructability Planning, Field Construction Operations and in Turnarounds and Maintenance. His management skills provide clients and staff the proper direction, communication, and confidence to ensure projects are delivered safely while maintaining quality, schedule, and budget amongst other defined project delivery goals and objectives.

Brad has worked in trades, senior construction management and project management roles with  Owner's Representatives, Engineers and Contractors. Brad's industrial experience includes Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pulp, Power Generation, Marine and the Mining Sectors in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Chile.


Hitesh is the Principal for Project Support services and founding Partner at TKPIS. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the renowned Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto.

As a seasoned Engineer, Supply Chain and Project Management Professional (PMP), Hitesh brings global Project Management experience across multiple industries, including but not limited to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Metals, Mining, Nuclear and municipal infrastructure sectors such as Water and Wastewater, Roads and Highways, Marine, Airport etc.

Hitesh is a subject matter expert in Construction Supply Chain and has consulted globally with public, private, and indigenous clients, assisting them to effectively anticipate and manage their third-party costs and execution risks. He has represented Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Consultant’s etc alike in the construction sector and thus brings a 360-degree view and understanding of coordinating the actions, interdependencies, and outcomes of all the typical stakeholders of a construction capital project to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) for his clients. He has also worked in senior leadership roles in the Construction sector where he led supply chain functions and enterprise-wide strategic procurement transformation projects and thus brings an "insiders" leadership perspective to the table.


Value Engineering Experts

In having provided services to Owners, Contractors, and Engineers, TKPIS has developed unique perspectives, methodologies, and experiences, enabling our team to offer a 360-degree overview in the planning, design and execution stages of Capital Projects of any size and complexity. We are adept at coordinating the actions, interdependencies and outcomes of all the typical stakeholders of a construction project to optimize the Project delivery for our clients.

We offer a creative, organized strategy, which analyzes the requirements of a capital project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project. Through our groups approach, using experienced, multi-disciplinary team, overall cost of ownership is improved through a study of alternate design concepts, materials, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of our clients.

Unique Understanding of Client Needs

Our differentiated Project Management approach is to align our “skills and attitude” with our clients. TKPIS is dedicated to teamwork and collaboration. We begin with the end in mind by understanding our client’s goals upfront. Whether our client’s goals are technical, schedule, or financially driven, we can quickly adapt to meet their needs.  

TKPIS understands that communication and follow-through is key, therefore from project kick-off to project wrap up, our clients have open access to our project team for anything at anytime.

Integrated Project Delivery Model

TKPIS prides itself on having an on-ground experience and project support delivery team that can integrate seamlessly into any project, ensuring our clients’ interests are consistently maintained. Our focus is always on safe and successful execution, supporting project development throughout all life-cycle phases, from project definition and planning through execution and commissioning. We understand that the success of a project is heavily dependent upon the project management’s team’s ability to maintain consistent and effective coordination across all project work streams including clients, engineering teams, consultants’ contractors, vendors, and all other potential stakeholders. 

Our field execution team consists of field-proven engineers, project managers, construction managers, inspectors and environmental and safety specialists. Our Project Support Services team consists of Contracts Managers, Procurement Specialists and Project Controllers who understand the importance of integrating with the client’s team and building a sense of accountability and Ownership


Our team has successfully managed mega cap, medium and small infrastructure projects for Owners, Contractors and Engineering teams throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and internationally in the Oil and Gas, Mining , Environmental Remediation, Nuclear, Municipal and Commercial Infrastructure sectors etc amongst other leading industries. 

Our team members have experience with industry leading blue-chip clients such as:

  • • Teck

  • • TC Energy

  • • Husky

  • • Imperial Oil

  • • ConocoPhillips

  • • Tesla 

  • • Canadian Nuclear Laboratory



    We strive to represent the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and vibrancy of Alberta. With a continuous focus on professional development, creating out of the box solutions, keeping abreast of and enhancement of best practices in the engineering and construction management industry and staying current on local and global industry trends, we can offer a unique value offering to our clients. Our core focus is utilizing a Value Engineering lens for managing Construction Projects thus providing an optimized delivery model for your construction projects.


    We understand that a strong and transparent culture not only attracts, retains and promotes the best talent but also inspires businesses and people to reach their full potential. Our work culture is performance driven, collaborative, growth oriented and fun. We are focused on creating a workplace that values Human Resources and instills a sense of trust, confidence and cohesion among teams.


    We are committed to building relationships and offering services to clients with complete honesty and transparency. With an open and collaborative approach to project execution, we strive to build sustainable relationships with our employees, partners, communities and clients.


    With an ever-evolving focus on the Triple Bottom Line i.e, People, Planet and Profit, we have the core belief that a company can be managed in a way that not only impacts the financial bottom line but also improves people’s lives and well-being of the planet.


    Safety is at the core of everything we do and is one of our central guiding principles. We promote and foster a culture where people truly care about one another and where everyone shares in our goal of zero incidents.